Corporate and industrial royalty free music

Elegant technology II
Powerful and bold, featuring orchestral, pop and electronic elements that create a feel for innovation and technology.
Corporate Music
Bright, enthusiastic and energetic, with pop rock elements, featuring flowing piano, electric guitar and drums that create a determined, proud mood.
Elegant technology
Bold, daring and edgy, featuring electronic elements joined with piano and strings that create a feel for innovation and technology.
Robotic atmospheres
Bouncy and driving with some dark textures, this album of royalty free electronic music cantains full synthetic sonority, atmospheric synth pads and driving drum loops create a progressive feel and depict scenes of innovation and technology ...Learn more...
Electro powered
An upbeat and energetic collection of royalty free music with pulsing electronic textures, some Dubstep elements that emphasize a synthetic sonority creating moods of adventure, action, and urgency.
Fast industrial underscore
Pumping and highly energetic, featuring pulsing electronic textures and " four on the floor" drum loop grooves that create a driving and determined mood, depiciting futuristic scenes of innovation and technology.
Electro slow cuts
Mostly smooth and ethereal with dreamy atmospheres, hypnotic grooves and light drones, this album contains synthetic sonorities and an ambient feel.
Electronic club
Mostly spacious with hypnotic grooves, heavy synth and atmospheric textures creates moods of intrigue, discovery, and determination.
Mechanical textures
Highly atmospheric with fully synthetic sonorities, driving and building drum loop grooves intertwined with spacious and pulsing synth textures create a determined mood.
Electronic beds
Pulsing and atmospheric, featuring light drones and synth pads with a fully synthetic sonority that creates an introspective mood, depicting futuristic scenes.
Industrial Underscore
Ambient and warm, featuring light drum loop grooves, rhythmic percussion and smooth keyboard textures create a laidback and mellow mood.
Slow industrial Underscore
Mostly downtempo and laidback with Chillout influences, featuring full synthetic sonorities, warm textures and light percussion rhythms that create an ambient mood.


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