Special genres royalty free music

Xmas tunes
Bright and sparkly, with bouncy and pulsing rhythms, featuring warm textures, piano and light bell percussion that offer a Holiday spirit and depict scenes of family and home.
Fantasy world
Warm and reflective, containing both acoustic and synthetic sonorities, lush textues and sentimental melodies that create a heartfelt, solemn, mystic and introspective mood.
For kids only
Bright and bouncy, with jovial rhythms, sparkly percussion and childlike xylophone sounds create a cheerful and whimsical mood.
Gothic novels
Dramatic and grand, featuring epic elements from driving percussion to powerful brass textures that create a solemn yet adventurous mood and depict panoramic scenes.
Minstrels and banquets
Magical and noble, featuring bright textures and instrumentation and rhythms of the Medieval ages that create both an adventurous and enchanting mood.
Churches,convents and monasteries
Grand and majestic, featuring angelic choral elements, sparkly harp rhythms and underlying smooth textures create a floating sensation and offer moods of enchantment and wonder.


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